Freelance JEE Developer.
Passionate about UX & Web Design.


During my years of full-time employment (1999-2010) at HP and formerly EDS, I`ve had the opportunity to gain a lot of business knowledge (especially in the e-government sector), as well as a large technical baggage within the Enterprise Java market. I`ve gained experience in every layer of an application, front to end, with a strong passion for the presentation layer. Working closely with enterprise architects, I`ve been involved in the decision making of the application architecture, and I`ve been in charge of guiding developers and the full process of an application lifecycle (design, project setup, customers meetings, development, development testing, user acceptance testing, integration testing, application server configuration, and deployment to various environments: continuous integration, acceptance, production).

Aside my daytime job I`ve been an independent freelance professional since 2001, having worked on small and mid size projects, directly with customers and also through agency subcontracting. I`ve been commissioned to produce corporate identity packages, posters, flyers, flash websites, 3D visualizations, content management systems, e-commerce systems, web applications etc.

From 2011 onwards, I`ll continue to be available as a fulltime independent freelance professional in the Java EE market.

As a creative person, I utilize my extensive hands-on experience in motion graphics and cutting-edge technologies to give life to every engagement produced. But it`s about more than just design and making a website or application look pretty. Passionate on front-end development, graphical design and photography, I try to bring an attractive interface with focus on simplicity and usability.

As a certified java programmer, I`m dedicated to build enriching solutions using a wide range of available tools on the Java EE and open source market. I build functional and accessible software, creating rich platforms for user interaction, whether it's intranet, extranet or internet.

With the right amount of work ethic and a passion for new things, I blend common sense with the latest proven technologies on each project I`m involved with. Let`s talk.


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